Mystique in the forest

Skurugata is an approximately 800-meter long gorge. The narrow trail is between 7 and 24 meters wide and has steep walls that are up to 35 meters high. It is a powerful sight to stand at the bottom of Skurugata and look up at the high walls of stone with all their mystery and beauty.


The name Skurugata comes from the long and narrow gorge with its high and steep walls of rock. “Skuru” is an ancient word for fault or a larger ravine in Swedish.


The theories about how Skurugata came about are many. The most common explanation is that the gorge was formed by an ice river during the melting of the ice sheet. Others believe that the gorge is a crack in the bedrock or a rift. The rock consists mainly of gray-brown porphyry, which here and there shifts to red.


From the top of Skuruhatt you will find an impressive view that stretches for miles over the forests in Småland. Here you will find several barbeque areas, tables, and benches as well as toilets. There is an adapted trail for wheelchairs from the parking space to Skuruhatt.

Albert Engström Memorial stone

There is a memorial stone over Albert Engström at Skurugata. There is a quote on the stone from Engström himself which reads:

"The people who live in these farms are probably of the purest gold. These tenacious, meager workers, who are struggling with their poor land and conquering, conquering, are not a people to be liked."

Old photography

Skurugata has attracted people for over 100 years. This is an old photograph that Bertil Haage from Eksjö has found and shared with us. On the back of the card, it says "Taken in the street on July 20, 1913"..